What is Solavei?

Mobile Service Powered by Relationships. We harness the spirit and technology of connection.

are-you-readyUnlimited Talk, Text and Data for $39 is a great deal, but when you share Solavei™ with others and they join, you earn real referral commissions.   Other service providers spend billions on traditional advertising trying to woo new customers, but we think that money is best spent rewarding YOU for bringing new people to Solavei.

It makes a lot of sense and it’s completely free program for everyone to participate in!

*No change in buying habits

*No Inventory Requirements

*No Expensive Autoship Requirements

*Earn For Simply Helping Other’s Do The Same

Think about it…Who Do You know that DOESN’T own a cellular phone?

Does your wireless company pay you to refer others to use their service?

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Welcome to Solavei and a new business model called Social Commerce.

Here’s All You Need to Do to Join Solavei

  1. Select Your Device and Plan – Bring Your Own Phone from a List of Approved Devices compatible with the Solavei Network.  Their primary network provider is T-Mobile, and AT&T Devices can be unlocked for Solavei

  2. Become a Solavei Social Member – Check the coverage for your area, enroll with Solavei from one of our Unlimited Wireless Plans starting at $29 a month or Pay $149 Annually to Market Solavei.  No gotchas!

  3. Share Solavei with Your Communities – Solavei’s Marketing Materials are world-class in design.  Simply share the message with your friends and family, on your Social networks, and enroll other new members.  No hard selling.  It’s really that simple

  4. Earn Money – By enrolling new members, Solavei pays you referral commissions.  You have the ability to earn $5 for personal member enrolled in your organization, so eliminating your phone bill is easy.  But it doesn’t stop there.  You have the ability to earn bonuses on your entire network of referrals within your organization.

  5. Get Paid on Your Solavei Pay Card & Get Discounts to Major Retailers – Get Your Own Prepaid Visa and online bank account with Solavei.  Earn rewards for shopping with the Solavei Marketplace program that actually pays its members to shop with over 500 name brand merchants.

Solavei gives the average person a better than average chance at earning a legitimate healthy income. That said, timing is everything, but it does require some effort.

Why Join Solavei with Us?

Get a Turn Key Cell Phone/Communications Business from Sync Mobile Solutions

Sync Mobile Solutions National Solavei Dealer Network designed to help customers from all over the US to get started with Solavei immediately, and plug-in with a local representative when possible.

Although we love Solavei (It’s THE best prepaid service to sell on the market), we realize no one company is a perfect fit for a customer.  We help our dealers market other prepaid carriers to fill that gap when the need arises.  We also help them earn much needed upfront income on other products like Satellite TV or wireless accessories, while they build their Solavei/Prepaid Phone business.

If you don’t see a dealer listed near you, contact us today so you can fully understand the power of our marketing expertise that will help you get leads and sales on autopilot.  No Hype…Our System Works…Period!

Imagine a business opportunity being “task driven” not sales driven.

Would you spend 15-30 Minutes a day following a copy and paste recipe with our marketing platform if you KNEW you were going to get calls for people wanting to buy what you had to sell?

That’s how Sync Mobile Solutions differs from any other business opportunity, retail electronics, telecom consultant or cell phone dealer program on the market today.  People want what we have to offer, they just want to buy it from someone they trust.

That’s where we come in.  We take the guesswork out of website design, SEO, (We have a National Search Engine Directory for our Dealers) Opt-in Forms, follow-up systems, products to carry, ancillary services for the industry, and technical knowledge of most of the products you will be able to sell. Combine that with a copy and paste formula that is guaranteed to get you sales and you’ve got a what we call a no-brainer.

Follow the Recipe – Get Paid…That’s It!

That said, we don’t approve everyone to be a Sync Mobile Solutions Authorized Dealer.  We have qualifications in place such as having phones on hand, Sim Cards, a professional attitude with a genuine passion to help others, and dedicated work ethic to produce.  Our representatives are an extension of us, and we take that seriously.

Help You Activate Your Phone Immediately, has Sim Cards,  Solavei Compatible Phones on hand locally, and qualified as an expert with the Solavei Wireless Service and Marketing Plan.

Call Douglas Smith at 888-409-8505  Email: info@syncmobiledealer.com  Solavei Site: http://solavei.com/syncmobilenow


Why Join Solavei and the Prepaid Industry?  Consider these facts about the current wireless industry…

  •  The average wireless customer in the US spends $71 a month, and the total revenue in for the US wireless industry is $166 Billion.
  • There are over 300 million cellular phones used in the US.
  • There is no loyalty with any of the “Big 4″ Wireless companies T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T even though they spend $12.9 Billion annually in advertising.
  • The prepaid Cellular industry is booming, and data applications are in more demand than ever. 80% of the World uses prepaid while only 20% of the US does currently.  There is a MAJOR shift happening right now to Prepaid!
Solavei is only $39 a month for Unlimited Everything.  No contract, credit check, gotchas or gimmicks…
Solavei is providing the first legitimate loyalty program in an industry that has none.
Learn More about the Solavei Opportunity Down Below, or Contact Us to Enroll Today or If You Would Like More Information

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